“What sustainability initiatives or practices
has your organization implemented recently?”


SHARE is a sustainablility agency that understands how people think and shares in your mission.

Helping organisations and brands to grow and succeed, whilst also being sustainable

Our journey of designing for brands and challenging Environmental norms dates back to 2007.
Utilising human insights to craft effective strategies aligned with both business and customer objectives.

A remote-first agency, kinder on our planet, and your budgets.
Partner with us: we can help you succeed.

Bringing your vision to life

Finding a graphic designer who can accurately represent the visions.
I have for business and/or personal projects is frequently challenging. In my ten years’ experience in marketing and communications, often working alongside graphic designers, Josie Jones stands head and shoulders above the rest for all the most important reasons: communication, passion, clarity, perception, energy, enthusiasm, connectedness, professionalism, delivery, quality, originality and an unbeatable can-do attitude. Working with Josie is both a professional partnership and an exciting and inspiring journey. The catch-cry of Josie’s business “Bringing your vision to life” is far from the usual spin – it’s an accurate description of my experience and the results of our collaboration.

Dr Danielle White

Getting Around Project

MMT | Metro Media Technologies

In the past I have partnered with Josie and SHARE on several occasions as a supplier for all of her large format digital print needs with jobs that dictate accordingly.

I have found that Josie always goes the extra mile for her clients and pushes us as the job requires colour matching, service providing, detail and deadlines are all of utmost importance to SHARE clients and therefore of utmost importance to Josie. As a provider to SHARE and SHARE clients I can honestly say you’re in great hands. If she didn’t care why would we? Josie ensures all of her clients needs are met and it drives me to do the same, it’s refreshing to work with someone whose approach is honest and she actually cares about her clients and her clients needs. That’s why she always delivers.

Lillian Thomas

Business Development manager

Bline – Federal Government transport initiative

SHARE is a truly dynamic and innovative design company.

Lead designer Josie Jones’ ability to respond creatively to a variety of briefs and objectives is built upon an impressive ability to quickly get inside your needs as a client and to actively engage your target audience. I have brought a variety of local design projects from sophisticated way-finding and sustainable transport resources to brand development for a planning networking and advocacy organisation. Each time SHARE has delivered beyond the brief, adding value and insight to projects, a rare skill that will benefit your next project immensely.

Robert Kretschmer

Vice President, Plan B - Young Planners Forum

Jools for Jim Salons

You really need to experience a project using Josie Jones and SHARE to see and feel the difference.

There are no comparisons. When you are Josie’s client you feel like you are her only client. The accuracy, attention to detail and time management skills applied are absolutely second to none. I love the edge that has been put to my business. I didn’t know what I needed or wanted, but SHARE did.

Jill Cantwell

Managing Director

Jennings Conveyancing

SHARE came highly recommended to me from a well-known local business as we started the overwhelming task of creating a fresh new company design for our business.

We wanted to create a branding that would impress and leave a lasting impression. Josie delivered an exemplary product and still continues to provide wonderful service. We were most impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness of SHARE, and most importantly, the high quality work Josie produced. We receive honest and sound marketing advice and Josie always goes out of her way to meet our needs and demands. I would not hesitate in recommending SHARE anyone! You will not be disappointed!

Melissa Jennings

Managing Director

Surf Into Yoga | Sunset Beach Hawaii

The work of SHARE is so true to its name and the level of design is tops.

Josie was able to give me what I needed and more. She took my idea’s and brought life to them and created a beautiful branding with the imagery and information. When people see your work they take a second glance. Josie’s sharing spirit takes it to a level that is rarely seen is business. All of my aloha and mahalo to you Josie and your company SHARE.

Rochelle Ballard

Professional WSL Surfer | Surf Into Yoga

Baby Foot | Health Product

Thank you for the work you did for Baby Foot.

Because of your availability and business style we were able to meet the deadline. I had originally asked you to complete the work in 4 days and was impressed when you said ‘of course’. The magazine changed their deadline and asked for the work in 24 hours and you said ‘no problem’. I have never encountered this level of service. Not only was the work done by the deadline but also you still offered complete service without any drop of standard. Thank you again Josie.

Hilary Bergen

Owner and Director

Australian College of Sports Development & FIT Republic

I have used the services of SHARE, namely Josie Jones now for a number of years.

I find her work to be Innovative and original. Josie makes a point of understanding your business and believing in your product before she initiates her work, allowing me to always feel confident that I will get a superior job. Josie will always push to get jobs done on time, every time!

Barry Johnston

Managing Director | Australian College of Sports Development

A Mini Kitchen, Rye

Where do I even begin? I feel so unbelievably blessed to have Josie Jones in my life, this little lady is so passionate about what she does. A complete perfectionist in every way. Working along side this incredibly talented and gifted woman has been an Experience in itself. A Mini Kitchen wouldn’t be half of what it is today without her help and guidance.
I will never be able to thank her enough.

Amy Minichiello

Creative Director

Sorrento Catering Company – Elk at Falls, Australian Gardens and Sorrento Couta Boat Club

Wow what a woman. Josie Jones has been an inspiration to work with. Talented creative and dynamic.

We have bounced off each other. Josie has helped me market all business units. Elk restaurant this snow season we achieved an 80% increase in our turnover.

I attribute several factors for this incredible growth. Josie being a great part of this pushing our Branding, Consistency throughout our material, posters, Facebook

posts a true professional. Josie created a new website for Sorrento Catering “stunning, amazing, sensational!” are some of the words our clients have used.

I have several clients wanting to use her services. A talent..

Barry Iddles

Managing Director

Save the Bees

Everything she touches turns to gold. Josie’s an Oracle who takes on someone’s vision.

Her motives are watching your dreams become reality. She morally impeccable, honor and respect her, feel privileged and blessed she’s helping you with your project.
Her input is pure wisdom. Show patience and prepare yourself for consultations, the time with her is always quality and precious.
Its a pleasure having you on my side Josie Jones.



Simon Mulvany

Creator and Director

Big Blue Backyard St Andrews Beach

Working with Josie = working in Sunshine. She listens, interprets and delivers inspired product.

Consistent, fearless, interested and passionate! It’s ALL you can ask for and ALL you get!

Plus the bonus of extraordinary intuitiveness.

Lisa Dempsey

Creator and Manager


We have been adopted by various customers for our solutions

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Collaboration is a key to our strategy.
We will always find the right partners to amplify the impact.

Having formed strategic alliances – we can share and implement the knowledge, resources and networks to foster a collective approach towards sustainability.

These collaborations both domestically and internationally create a stronger platform for advocating sustainable practices.